Party with us!​

Thank you for visiting UpShot Archery.  UpShot Archery is a mobile company hosting Archery Tag and NERF Combat events in Southern California.  Gather your family and friends for an event filled with excitement and entertainment as you play Archery Tag or NERF Combat!

Experience a new cutting-edge way to play tag at UpShot Archery.  This innovative attraction uses specially designed Archery Tag® bows and foam-tipped arrows.  It is family friendly, safe, action-packed, fast paced, and competitive.  Be one of the first to experience this unique twist to the classic game of tag in San Diego.

UpShot Archery now offers the popular and favorite game of NERF®.  The battlefield is set.  Grab your team and accept the challenge.  Plan your attack and take aim.  Defend your turf in the exciting game of Nerf Combat.